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At Spinavita, we help you live a healthy and happy life by looking after your spine, body and mind. It’s a wellness approach that’s perfect for the whole family.

Your spine is incredible. As well as supporting your body and allowing you to twist, bend and stand, it also protects the delicate spinal cord – the link between your mind and body.

If you’ve had a spinal injury or suffer from a bad back, neck pain or headaches, we can work with you to relieve the symptoms and improve the health of your spine. But more than that, we’re passionate about preventing problems in the first place by showing people how to take care of themselves, improve posture and build strength.

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We’re all used to having regular check ups at the dentist or optician, but we expect our bodies to keep going, no matter what we throw at them. At Spinavita, we’re keen to put that right.

By offering a range of chiropractic, sports therapy and joint rehabilitation therapies alongside advice on nutrition, exercise and wellbeing, we can help you regain total health and vitality. It’s an approach that our patients find refreshing and far more effective than just treating one part of the problem.

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When your mind is healthy and stress free, your body will feel better too. By relieving tension, your muscles can relax, letting your body perform in a more natural, fluid way.

That’s why our chiropractors and sports therapists work alongside practitioners offering therapeutic massage. We find it’s a more powerful way to help you get back to optimum health – or just have a bit of time out in a relaxing environment.

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