At Spinavita, we help you live a healthy and happy life by looking after your spine, body and mind. It’s a wellness approach that’s perfect for the whole family.

We’re all used to having regular check ups at the dentist or optician, but we expect our bodies to keep going, no matter what we throw at them. At Spinavita, we’re keen to put that right. We offer a number of services that can help you.

If you’ve had a spinal injury or suffer from a bad back, neck pain or headaches, we can work with you to relieve the symptoms and improve the health of your spine. But more than that, we’re passionate about preventing problems in the first place by showing people how to take care of themselves, improve posture and build strength. By offering a range of chiropractic, sports therapy and joint rehabilitation therapies alongside advice on nutrition, exercise and wellbeing, we can help you regain total health and vitality. It’s an approach that our patients find refreshing and far more effective than just treating one part of the problem.

Jess providing chiropractic treatment


Put the bounce back in your step

Chiropractic enhances your body’s natural ability to heal. Through the use of spinal adjustments your joints can have improved function and you can feel less pain.

Find out how chiropractic can help.

Jess discussing the spine

Exercise Rehabilitation

Build a strong foundation

If you’ve had an injury or have lived with pain our exercise rehabilitation programmes aim to give you back your confidence.

Find out more about how we can help.

George providing a sports therapy treatment

Sports Therapy

Get back to your best
Sports Therapy can help you recover from your sports related injury. From chronic injuries to niggles, Sports Therapy will help you get back to form and fitness.

Find out more how Sports Therapy can help.

Jess providing sports massage

Sports Massage

Get up and running again
Whether you are returning to sport from injury or just a bit stiff from daily life, Sports Massage is the perfect way to keep your muscles flexible and full of vitality.

Find out more how Sports Massage can help.

George giving laser treatment to patient

Laser Therapy

Get back in the game
Don’t suffer with sporting injuries, muscle or tendon problems. Laser Therapy is a safe and painless treatment to help speed up the healing process and reduce discomfort.

Find out more about Laser Therapy.

Massage Therapy

Everybody needs balance
Not only can Therapeutic Massage be used for relaxation but it can also ben used to treat muscular aches and to help circulation and digestion. Restore balance and harmony to your body.

Find out more about Therapeutic Massage Services.

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