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Sports Therapy at Spinavita

If you have a sports related injury, you’ll probably be desperate to recover your fitness so you can ‘get back out there’. Whether it’s a chronic injury or just a niggling problem that won’t go away, our sports therapists can help you do just that.

As trained practitioners, we have a range of options to choose from when considering how to treat you. We might decide that manual therapy, massage, acupuncture, therapeutic ultrasound or exercise therapy is the best course of action to aid your recovery – or even a combination of treatments.

But before we do anything, you’ll receive an in-depth consultation and examination so we can put together a plan that’s tailored exactly to your needs. Treatments normally last 30 minutes and include a rehabilitation exercise plan to get you fit and strong again.

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I am really happy with the service offered. The team is really dynamic, friendly and easy to talk to. I am happy to recommend the practice to anybody.”
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Anna is fantastic and extremely thorough. Her experience and knowledge are excellent.”

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Jess is fantastic. She has sorted my shoulder issues and given me set of exercise to prevent injury in the future. All the other employees I came in contact with always have been very helpful and super professional.”
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There have been times when I could hardly walk because I was in so much pain. After treatment I have been able to walk and move much more freely.”
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The clinic itself is easily located and welcoming, clean and tidy. Acupuncture included in the treatment is good.”
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Jess is just super friendly and a young modern person with empathy for your lifestyle/needs.”
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The friendliness of the whole team is fantastic. Really pleased with the whole set up.”
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Anna and her team treat everyone as an individual and are extremely caring.”

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My chiropractor has been excellent in helping me through a really bad time . Giving me time and explanation, patience and caring.”
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Meet our Sports Therapist

Hannah Hughes
Hannah HughesGraduate Sport Rehabilitator
Hannah enjoys working with a variety of people from various backgrounds and sporting levels. She loves the challenge of ensuring specific sporting demands or everyday tasks can be performed without the hindrance of pain or injury.

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