LightForce EX

Laser Therapy at Spinavita

This totally safe and painless treatment is working wonders for many people with sporting injuries, muscle or tendon problems. As one of the first clinics in the UK to invest in a Class 4 laser machine, we really are pioneers of this quick and highly effective therapy.

The laser works by improving blood flow and encouraging cellular production.  This in turn reduces pain and speeds up the healing process by up to ten times compared to traditional treatments.

We’ve been so impressed with the results of laser therapy to treat a whole range of problems, that all of our clinicians are now fully trained to use it. We think you’ll be impressed by it too.

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Jess has looked after my dodgy back – she is kind, sympathetic and efficient and seems to always know exactly where the pain is! A complete star.”

M. Williams

Meet our laser therapists

George Salter
George SalterSports Therapist
George is a sports therapist who is passionate about not just treating an injury, but also strives to get people back playing or doing what they love most. In addition, George enjoys helping athletes improve performance in their chosen disciplines.
Anna Hawrot
Anna HawrotChiropractor and Clinic Director
Anna is a chiropractor with a very refreshing outlook. She’s really passionate about improving life for the people she treats and that means helping them feel good in their mind as well as their body. It’s an approach that’s been really successful.
Melissa Folly
Melissa FollyChiropractor
During her 8 years in practice Melissa can sincerely say that she has been challenged, inspired and enjoyed every day of it. She treats patients of all ages and backgrounds, including the elderly, pregnant women and children. “Being a Chiropractor has been the most amazing, rewarding ‘job’ and I wouldn’t swap it for the world!”
Jessica Davy
Jessica DavyChiropractor
Jessica really enjoys helping patients both physically & mentally. She understands how the daily pressures of life can affect health and works hard to make her patients feel at ease. Being a chiropractor to Jessica is more than just her job, it’s her passion.

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