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Therapeutic Massage at Spinavita

Spinavita offers a wide range of therapeutic massages to help with the health of your mind and body. Take a look at our menu of services below. We look forward to seeing you at the clinic.


Aromatherapy is the use of essential oils and extracts from the flowers, fruits, leaves, stems and roots of plants, shrubs and trees. The therapeutic use of aromatic oils dates back to ancient times and was particularly popular in Ancient Egypt and the Far East. Aromatherapy massage is a gentle, flowing treatment that may help to relieve pain and alleviate tension and fatigue. The use of essential oils creates a feeling of calming energy and has a powerful effect on both body and soul.

Neck and Back Massage

Sitting behind a desk all day can leave you with a stiff neck and low back pain. This massage is great for when you’re short on time and need to relieve stress and tension. By combining deep tissue techniques with trigger point therapy, you will get relief right where you need it. This massage aims to boost your circulation, relax muscle tension and relieve stress. This massage is perfect for your “on the go” lifestyle while trying to attain a healthy work-life balance.

Swedish Full Body Massage

This massage focuses on relaxing the entire body. This is one of the most commonly known types of massage. Swedish massage involves long gliding strokes toward the heart. This massage is able to relax your body as well as your mind. You can expect to benefit from a decrease in stress and overall muscle tension. Your body will thank you for the boost this massage gives to your circulation and immune system.


Reflexology is a complementary therapy that uses pressure points on the feet to help activate the circulation and nervous system. By using the feet as a map of the whole body, reflexology consists of the application of manual techniques to enhance a state of physical and mental balance.

Therapeutic Massage

Therapeutic massage is the use of hands to manipulate soft tissues of the body, particularly muscles. It can be used for relaxation, stimulation or rehabilitation of the whole body or part of it. Particularly effective in managing stress-related tension, massage promotes suppleness, aids flexibility and stimulates circulation. Therapeutic massage may be beneficial for a range of body systems and as well as treating muscular aches and pains, it can be useful in helping circulation and digestion.

Hot Stone Therapeutic Massage

Despite it being one of the fastest-growing massage techniques, hot stone therapy is an ancient healing art. It uses a combination of warm stones and various massage techniques which provide deep therapeutic effects and create harmony and balance.

Deep Tissue Massage

This massage incorporates some Swedish massage techniques while adding a deeper pressure. Deep tissue massage techniques will be slow and firm. This is a full body massage that concentrates on relieving the areas with the most tension. This is beneficial for releasing chronic muscle tension, pain and stress. You can expect to walk away feeling more relaxed and more flexible.

Hopi Ear Candling

Being a hollow tube, the centre of an ear candle is simply a column of air rather than a solid mass. When lit at the top, the rising air column inside the candle begins to heat up. As the candle burns down, it continues to heat up the top of the rising air column of the centre of the candle. The rising air column creates a very mild suction action at the base, which helps loosen compacted earwax. This experience is a gentle, relaxing treatment for everyone, including children.

Indian Head Massage

Indian Head Massage is a traditional touch therapy, which has been practised for thousands of years. It is gentle, yet firm and powerful, therapeutic massage of the shoulders, arms, neck, scalp, ears, hair and face which will leave you feeling soothed and rebalanced. This is an extremely enjoyable and deeply relaxing treatment that gives you a sense of calm and relaxation.

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I have been a patient at Spinavita (formerly Hardwicke & Quedgeley Chiropractic Clinic) since 2004. I have always received the very best treatment from highly qualified, professional and caring staff. I highly recommend Spinavita who provide so much more than relief from chronic pain. Thank you so much for fixing me.”

Andy Potter, Patient

Anna, I visited you for the first time today. You are a miracle worker! I have not felt this good, this free, this free from pain for more years than I can remember. Thank you so much. I am really looking forward to my next appointment. Onwards and upwards.”

Valerie, Chiropractic Patient

This is a wonderful clinic, where from the moment you walk through the door you feel welcomed and in very good hands. Staff are warm and friendly and nothing is too much trouble. Everyone is welcomed like an old friend but each person’s individual needs are looked after to the highest standard. I would be lost without this amazing “sanctuary” of care.”

Amanda Rawlings, Patient

I went to see the team at Spinavita for severe back pain. Between the Chiropractor and Sports Therapist my pain has gone, and with the rehab I have been carrying out I am hopeful it will never return. Thanks guys.”

R Wadner, Patient

Jess has looked after my dodgy back – she is kind, sympathetic and efficient and seems to always know exactly where the pain is! A complete star.”

M Williams, Patient

For over ten years the clinic has given me excellent attention. I have a hip injury. I have been treated with loving care and have benefited enormously and am able to move around with ease. I have always been given first class treatment. In the past I have recommended the clinic to several friends and now to my husband.”

JM Cleever, Patient

At first I was sceptical but thanks to Jess and George I have enjoyed both Chiropractic and Sports Therapy treatments that really worked for me. My aim was to be pain free from an old back injury and play golf more than twice a month and they have helped me achieve much more than that. I now golf every week and have improved drastically. I exercise nearly every day which hasn’t been possible for a few years and I learnt a lot during the 6 week rehab programme which has made me stronger and more confident. I can’t recommend the friendly and professional service enough. Thank you!”


Spinavita was recommended to me by my GP after hurting my back last October, at the time I could hardly move. I started off by seeing Mel who was very thorough and got me moving! I then started seeing Jess as her work hours suited me better and things have gone from strength to strength; no more pain and no more spasms! The staff really know there stuff; anybody who has any pain should put these people at the top of their priorities, a 1st Class service.”

M. Norman, (Chiropractic Patient)

I first went to Spinavita and met Jess about 6 months ago. Everything from the word go put me at ease and gave me confidence that I was in the right place. Everybody without exception has given great customer service and is very friendly. At the initial assessment, Jess identified what my back issue was straight away and we began the first treatment. We then started a course of treatments that have gradually lessened over time as my back problem was put to bed. That has only happened though because of the great advice and treatment received – I’ve followed the advice between treatments and continue to do so – this has ultimately meant I am no longer in pain and can enjoy getting on the golf course again! I would highly recommend Spinavita and Jess to anyone, they’ve been a godsend for me.”

N. Maddy , (Chiropractic Patient)

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Jannene Mills
Jannene MillsMassage Therapist
Jannene is passionate about her work helping others to take the stress and strain from everyday life. She loves working with people to help improve their physical and mental wellbeing.
Amanda Teague
Amanda TeagueMassage Therapist
Amanda is a diverse health professional, uniquely qualified to promote wellbeing on both an emotional and physical level. She is really passionate about empowering individuals through her training in massage therapy, mental wellbeing and holistic life planning.

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