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Sports Massage at Spinavita

A deep massage does so much more than just relax your muscles. It can stimulate circulation, increase lymph flow, and help relieve pain. That means whilst it’s great for sports people, anyone can benefit from the professional touch. Even if you’re just a bit stiff from gardening, it will make a real difference.

Sports massage is the perfect way to keep your muscles flexible and full of vitality, especially after an injury. It’s also brilliant at helping to reduce swelling and bruising, speed up the healing process or just keep you in tip-top condition.

So whether you want to warm up your muscles before a sporting event, speed up recovery post event or after an injury, or just treat yourself to a regular session to keep everything feeling good, we’re here to help.

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For over ten years the clinic has given me excellent attention. I have a hip injury. I have been treated with loving care and have benefited enormously and am able to move around with ease. I have always been given first class treatment. In the past I have recommended the clinic to several friends and now to my husband.”

J. M. Cleever

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