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Chiropractor showing patient model of the spine

Spinal Rehabilitation at Spinavita

Millions of people worldwide are affected by back or neck pain. Because the spine is different to any other joint in the body, relieving the symptoms and getting back to full mobility can be tricky.  It requires very specialist treatment.

Research has shown that exercises focussing on endurance are the best for strengthening the spine – and luckily, these also help to prevent future injuries or problems.

After an in-depth consultation, we’ll give you a tailored programme of spinal exercises to follow and teach you how to self-manage your pain, improve your posture and increase strength and stability. Then all you have to do is get back on with your life.

Contact us today to find out more about our spinal rehabilitation treatments or to book an appointment.

I have been a patient at Spinavita (formerly Hardwicke & Quedgeley Chiropractic Clinic) since 2004. I have always received the very best treatment from highly qualified, professional and caring staff. I highly recommend Spinavita who provide so much more than relief from chronic pain. Thank you so much for fixing me.

Andy Potter

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