As the clocks changed this weekend it’s starting to feel a lot more like winter; the nights will start to draw and we’re all going to need to find our big coats again! At least this time of the year is jam packed with different events to fill your social calendar, starting with Halloween and Bonfire Night. Whilst I was never a particular fan of Halloween (something to do with knocking on strangers doors in the dark!), I do appreciate the number of spooky skeletons strolling around; I am a chiropractor after all!! As for bonfire night, I don’t think there will ever come a time when I am not a super fan of fireworks, they never fail to put a smile on my face.

So here are my top tips for making sure you look after yourself on Halloween and Bonfire night and get to enjoy the festivities safely!

1. Dress for the weather

It’s easy to get swept away by your costume and your coat would totally ruin the outfit you’ve had planned for weeks, but with the weather turning colder, you may regret your decision to not dress appropriately. So wrap up warm and as my mother always tells me it’s easier to take layers off instead of dreaming of that scarf and hat you left at home. If we become too cold, we tend to curl in on ourselves, lift our shoulders and tense our muscles, which can leave us feeling quite stiff

2. Watch your step!

The likelihood of the ground being wet, slippery and/or muddy at this time of year is high, so make sure your wearing shoes with enough grip and ankle support to reduce your chances of falling. If you’re anything like me and you do fall anyway, try not to grab onto too many people around you and cause a human pile up! I always walk with my hands out of my pockets so that I am able to catch and support myself if needed!

3. Plan your route

This is particularly important on Halloween. Make sure you know your way around so that you are less likely to get lost, and also plan to go past all the houses with the best sweets! To limit the amount of sweets consumed in a short space of time, set you and your family a goal and use the sweets to help you hit your target. That could include walking past a certain number of houses or hitting 250 steps before you reward yourselves.

4. Take care when carrying little ones

If you’re carrying little ones on your shoulders or in your arms, ensure you only do so for as long as you feel comfortable. This can contribute to neck pain and stiffness so try not to push your limit.

5. Watch your posture

When staring at the fireworks, try not to have your head tilted back towards the sky for too long! It will probably start to feel a little stiff and may prompt a visit to see one of our chiropractors. To combat this, regularly stretch your neck, or stand closer to the back so you don’t have to tilt your head as far.

6. At the end of the evening…

Make sure you look after yourself once all the excitement has died down. Do a few stretches to relax any tight muscles and combat stiffness, make sure you keep yourself properly hydrated and refrain from eating all the sweets you’ve collected.

From all of us at Spinavita we wish you a happy and safe Halloween and Bonfire night! If you have any questions speak to one of our clinicians or contact us here.

Jessica Davy