The summer holidays have flown by and with the sunshine a distant memory, it’s time to look forward to the start of the school term. Whilst we’re sure most of the school uniform has been bought ready to your children to get back to school, now is the perfect time to check whether your child’s back will be protected during another jam-packed academic year.

Here are our top tips for protecting your child’s back:

1) Get the right back pack

Avoid back packs with a single shoulder strap as this loads significant weight on one shoulder which can lead to long term discomfort. Encourage your child to carry their bag on both shoulders and to
alternate which shoulder they carry their bag if they refuse to use a back pack!

2) Don’t overload their bag

A quality back pack is only as good as the way it is packed! Make sure the heaviest objects are close to the body and at the top not the bottom of the bag, otherwise the back pack can pull the shoulders
backwards creating discomfort and imbalance.

3) Get the right desk setup

If your child studies at home, make sure that their desk is at the right height for them. If they are working at a desk that it is too high, pop a cushion on the chair to raise them up.

4) Take regular study breaks

When studying at home, make sure your child takes regular breaks. Not only will this help maintain a healthy back, it will also aid productivity and improve memory!

5) Remind them of their posture

Sitting, standing or walking with a bad posture can put unnecessary pressure on your child’s back. Whilst perfect posture is not always achievable, reminding your child to sit up straight with their
shoulders back can improve their attentiveness during class and prevent future injuries.

Contact one of our clinicians if you have any further questions, or wish to know more how to protect your child’s back