This summer we’ve been lucky enough to experience some of the UK’s best weather conditions – perfect for an outdoors camping holiday. Even if the weather throws in a few spots of rain camping in the UK can be great fun!

Like any trip away the packing, travelling, change in activities and different sleeping conditions can lead to a few aches and pains.  Here are some great tips for more comfortable camping.

  • Prep your sleeping area first – make sure to remove large stones or sticks that could dig into your spine.
  • Protect your back – Ensure your back is protected against a hard and potentially damp surface by sleeping on a quality camping mat, air mattress or both. Try these out in the outdoor shop before buy.
  • Keep your neck comfy – A pillow can really make the difference to having a good night sleep. Avoid making od with a poor support. We advise you take one similar to that you use at home especially if you have experienced neck problems in the past.
  • Sleep sensibly – You should endeavour to sleep in a position where your spine is in a straight line as this helps to avoid neck and back pain. Using an extra pillow between the knees can help to keep the back straighter.
  • Lift and carry with care –  60% of Brits believe that lifting and carrying is the most likely cause of their back pain, so take care when loading and unloading your camping gear. Two bags are better than one – If possible, pack your gear into more bags rather than less, so you can distribute the weight more evenly and reduce the strain on your back when lifting and carrying them.

We hope you all have a great summer holidays! If you would like any further information or wish to book in for a consultation please contact us.