Welcome to the new Spinavita blog – Insights!

We hope you like our new look which has been designed to represent our growth and direction. The new website should be easier to navigate to help you find all the information that you are looking for, and now reflects our modern and refreshed clinic. Check out our about page to see how the clinic has progressed to this point!

We haven’t lost sight of our main focus which is to provide the best care to all of our patients, we may have changed our name but not our dedication to you! As a sign of our enthusiasm for the current changes, we will keep you involved on our blog – Insights.

We will be updating Insights on a regular basis to keep you in touch with all the new things happening at Spinavita as well as updates as to what is happening in the wider chiropractic world. The team will be contributing to make sure you get the range of topics and advice our clinic can offer – there is plenty to tell you about!

We will discuss topics that matter to us and we want your input. Have you read something that you found interesting but didn’t fully understand? Perhaps a medical professional has used a term that you would like to be explained? Or maybe there’s a burning question that you haven’t yet had answered? Well here’s the place to ask them! If so let us know via Facebook, Twitter, or email Jessica Davy.

Take a moment to explore our new site, perhaps bookmark us, and be sure to check back regularly for more information about our services as well as useful news and tips.

We hope you like our new look as much as we do. Like the humble butterfly, we haven’t changed, we’ve evolved!