Spinavita’s Elite Athlete Programme

At Spinavita we understand the commitment and dedication it takes to perform at the highest level. We want to support excellence with our local athletes and make it affordable for them to have all year round professional care, not just to treat injuries but to work with our athletes to get the best out of them. Therefore those that are accepted on our scheme are rewarded with 50% off the cost of all of our services.

All we ask in return is that you promote our services, by regularly posting on social media, sending us photographs of you in action and keep us updated of your achievements.

Contact us today to find out more about Spinavita’s Elite Athlete Programme or download the application form to complete online.

Meet Spinavita’s Elite Athletes

We are proud to support our local athletes by offering treatment to help them achieve their sporting goals. View some of our Elite Athletes’ profiles below to learn more about each athlete.

Dan Thornhill
Dan ThornhillBritish Motocross
Dan is a professional Motocross rider in the British Championship. He rides in the MX1 Premier Class and aspires to be the British Champion in this class.

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Kane Rigglesford
Kane RigglesfordMuay Thai
Kane, AKA “Killer Kane” is a professional Muay Thai boxer. He has fought in some of the biggest shows including the Muay Thai Grand Prix at the Indigo 02 arena and is also a coach of the sport.

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Sam Smith
Sam SmithCycling
Sam rides for Magspeed Racing. He takes part in the National Series in cross country mountain biking and cyclocross.

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Ryan Coombs
Ryan CoombsTriathlon
Ryan competes at a National level and is racing at the European Triathlon Standard Distance Championships in Estonia. Ryan aspires to win a Championship race and to go to the Iron-man World Championships in Kona.

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John Clark
John ClarkUltra Marathon Runner
John is competing in the Marathon Des Sables in April 2020. Known as ‘the toughest foot race on earth’ it involves running 6 marathons in 6 days across the Sahara.

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Scott Chalmers
Scott ChalmersCycling
Scott Chalmers, a cyclist from Gloucestershire, races cyclocross and mountain bike cross country at a National level. He also has his own team – Magspeed – and is keen to bring on the next generation of riders.

Learn more about Scott

Sophie Gibbs
Sophie GibbsDancer (ballet, jazz, commercial, tap, contemporary, Latin), acrobatics, aerial
Sophie is a dancer (ballet, jazz, commercial, tap, contemporary, Latin) and also trains in acrobatics and aerial. She is training in Musical Theatre at Italia Conti Academy of Theatre Arts (London).

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Want to join Spinavita’s Elite Athlete Programme? Complete the application form and send to enquiries@spinavita.co.uk.

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