We are told that time exists in three forms: the past, the present and the future. However, we are not able to relive the past. It is just a memory. We may look to the future, but it is only a dream. The only real experience is now. This moment, that we are currently living. This perpetual now is where we continually find ourselves at. So, in this moment what does it mean to feel alive?

Mindfulness is about engaging your senses to ground you into the experience of the present moment. For this is the only moment that you can ever really be a part of. So, we invite you to join it. Sense it from the warmth given to you by the cup of tea starting your day, to the refreshing scent of the rain you inhale as you take your first steps outside. Pause to take a breath. No, I mean really take one. When we come to the table to eat, do we leave after the appetizer? No, we feed our stomachs until they are full and satisfied. So, breathe in deeply, until your lungs are satisfied. Continue your embrace of the present by finding that childlike awe and take a look up into the sky.

If you will take the time to experience this moment, perhaps you may remember just how grand of a universe you are living in.